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Nathalie Beaupré

I am the First Forensic Healer in Canada, providing real help to improve energy, physical wellness, emotional strength, and spiritual alignment. I offer facilitation in French and in English. People know me to be authentic and generous.

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Practicing since 2012, I decided it is time to create a package deal, available to people all over the world, using the world wide web. IT IS TIME THAT WE BECOME WHO WE ARE MEANT TO BE. This is for the people who want to feel lighter, more vibrant, and more clear about your purpose.

When you purchase this package, you will have:

SIX private VIRTUAL Forensic Healing sessions as per the list of healing intentions below plus THREE bonuses!

The intentions for the six virtual Forensic Healing Sessions will be performed in this order:

Week 1: Financial Blocks

Week 2: Childhood Healing

Week 3: Self Sabotage Relief

Week 4: Taking your Power Back, Becoming the Authority Figure of Your Life

Week 5: Physics Scan (Identify toxicity or imbalances in the body, PLUS an Aura-Chakra Matrix Reading)

Week 6: Past Life Regression 

All for 555$ dollars, yet it is at least a $750 value!

Plus, there are THREE Bonuses you will not get anywhere else

Bonus 1

I will mail you my book of afformations, a coaching method developed by Noah St. John, that you can use with children, friends and clients. There is an interview and childhood healing audio on the website.

Bonus 2

An essential oils consultation, I will teach you how to use therapeutic quality oils and identify which ones to help you right away.

Bonus 3

Access to Forensic Healing sessions at half price, normally $108, in addition to the six sessions, for a whole YEAR!

What are you waiting for? 

It is really easy to get started! Let’s book our first call.

Here’s how:

E-mail me to start a conversation or visit my booking calendar.

Methods of payment are just as straightforward:

E-transfer or Paypal

To use PayPal there is a $5 transaction fee

Talk to you soon!