Why Am I Perfect? A revolutionary book to empower children, parents and teachers.

Written & Illustrated by Nathalie Beaupré WhyAmIPerfect.com


Why Am I Perfect?

Written and illustrated by Nathalie Beaupré

Children love to ask "Why". These questions in the book are for them to explore their world, inside and out and feel good about everything they find!


The Afformations method was developed by Noah St. John in 1997 and it is a wonderful tool for countering negative beliefs, feeling peaceful and for contributing to the enlightened global consciousness our world needs.


From a grade 5 Teacher

First of all, congratulations on a very unique book (my opinion anyways). The way this is written gives an opportunity to have listeners and readers alike to respond with their own thoughts - positive thoughts! I think this would do very well in schools, homes, and religious settings such as Sunday School. thanks for the opportunity to read it.

-- Ken Mackay, Pinecrest elementary, Ottawa, Ontario


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